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Community Engagement

Community first

A House Called Hue keeps community first in our business model. We sponsor custom work or provide monetary donations to other companies that are classified as 501c3 or work within our community. Our latest investment has been with Umi Feeds of Atlanta by sponsoring a dinner for local Atlanta residents where we fed 100-150 people the first weekend in July 2021, as documented on our social media.

Additionally, before Memorial Day 2020, we donated $100 to Umi Feeds for supplies for families during the first rough months of COVID-19. Previous work also includes donations to a company named JCS Project that supplies college students with care packages through the semesters. We sponsored half of their custom patch order so they may fill their boxes with branded goodies.

During protests in 2020, we raised over $1.3k for monies to help bail out, support, and organize protesters in Minnesota as well rebuild small businesses that were affected by riots. Currently, we are volunteering our time and resources to Free99Fridge hoping to be a connector for other businesses and brands to get involved. We hope with our growing business we can continue this work by sponsoring a Fridge from Free99Fridge and be an incubator for connecting more black-owned businesses to the Atlanta community.