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Mommas & Business

I’m a day late and hour short for this post 😂

It’s been a busy week!

We were on the couch this past Sunday in the clubhouse speaking on being a mother and having business.

Some great ladies came to the stage to speak on their experiences, offer advice and resources for mommas and we have complied them below.

Briana Ross a Brand Consultant (hellobrianaconsuting.com) recommended these apps for not only self care but planning;

– Insight timer
– Time bloc


  • Day Designer Planner
  • Content Planner  By Cat Gaskin

Some places we recommend in the Metro ATL area for a momma day:

  • Jeju spa
  • Marriot Day Pass


  • City Winery
  • Château Élan

If you are looking for some stock photos to help boost your site here are some:



Eye for Ebony | African American Stock Photos

She Bold Stock | Styled Stock Images for Solopreneurs

Nappy | Beautifully Diverse Stock Photos

Mocha Stock

Please read these articles ❤️



Lastly remember you are you first!!

See you next time on Clubhouse!

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