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My Black Business is Not Amazon

Hey, y’all hey!

We are back in the living room bringing our conversations straight to the couch with some of your favorites cousins dropping gems 💎.

Yesterday we hosted our FIRST couch conversation on the popular audio app Clubhouse in our From The Living Room club.

Co-hosted by Erica from JR Print and Fill in Houston the topic of the night was My Black Business is NOT AMAZON.

Now while this topic may sound like we are about to bash the consumer of black-owned businesses, we spoke about the ways black businesses can improve on processes, customer service, implement processes and systems to reduce grievances, and of course giving ourselves grace as business owners.

One of our speakers Shanti Ray mentioned having things in place like Terms & Conditions on your website.

Some of the systems mentioned by Latasha Louis were





Other systems that we spoke of that businesses should implement were consistent email marketing via Klaviyo and Covertkit to not only sell to our customers but to express delays especially in times of COVID-19.

In business, we tend to forget that we’re learning and will make mistakes. Don’t fall into the rabbit hole of the constant comparison of a business that once was in your position. You too will grow, just stay the course!

I really appreciate everyone who tuned in to this couch convo as we plan to have the frequently to discuss not only business but life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness ❤️

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